Images Alive
IMAGES ALIVE, a female-owned business, was born in 1991 from a dream, an entrepreneurial spark that shouted "I can do this better! I can build this myself!" And so it was.

Images Alive developed first as a small energetic business where projects were brokered out to various embellishers. When this proved to be a less than satisfactory situation for a perfectionist, screen printing was brought under our roof. Several years later, embroidery followed. Through further expansion, Images Alive currently houses machinery for screen printing, embroidery, cad cutting, pad printing and various other processes, all delivering the highest quality embellishment in our industry.

Our clients span a broad range in business, from multinational corporations to enthusiastic start-ups. We direct intense efforts toward the arts and non-profit sectors, particularly within the association community, where our experience in understanding the nuances of this market is essential to a successful partnership.

Images Alive is big enough to provide the purchasing power our clients require, yet nimble enough to answer the phone on a Friday afternoon and get a rush order placed. Our goal is to be the partner at the other end of the phone when you need an innovative idea, an answer to a question, or to place an order.

We're persistent and we ask a lot of questions because the more we understand about a marketing plan, the more on target our work will be. Ultimately, this results in proactive planning and superior results for our clients.

We've won the confidence of our clients over the past 20 years through vigilant attention to detail, out-of-the-box thinking and the ability to implement a plan with care and accuracy. Our ongoing aim is to build lasting relationships where Images Alive is an integrated partner with our marketing counterparts, delivering expertise and unwavering guidance in the ever-changing promotional products industry.

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